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Artepharm is a modern pharmaceutical company involving in R&D, manufacturing and marketing. It was jointly established by a group of experts specializing in the research of Qinghao (Artemisia annua L), artemisinin-based antimalarials and antiviral traditional Chinese medicines from ...


A new generation of artemisinin combination


Artequick, a combination of artemisinin and piperaquine, is an ideal drug for the treatment of malaria and especially for the treatment of resistant P.falciparum malaria.

An ideal antimalarial should possess five features:

  1. Quick action
  2. High efficacy and Prevention of resistance
  3. Low toxicity
  4. Short treatment regimen
  5. Block transmission

Quick action

Results of the clinical studies in China, Viet Nam, Cambodia, Indonesia and Thailand showed that ARTEQUICK controlled symptoms and signs of falciparum and vivax malaria rapidly. Fever Clearance Time (FCT) 16 -30 hours and Parasite Clearance Time (PCT) 36 -60 hours.

ARTEQUICK stops parasite development within 2 hours and greater than 95% parasite are killed within 24 hours. As a result of this quick action, ARTEQUICK reduces the morbidity and especially the mortality of P.falciparum malaria.


High efficacy and Prevention of Resistance

Studies showed that ARTEQUICK had a high cure rate in multid-drug resistant P.falciparum epidemic area. A 28-day follow- up demonstrated a cure rate of 97% and a recrudescence rate of 3%.

The combination of artemisinin and piperaquine delays the development of resistance of P.falciparum. This combination also is highly effective in vivax malaria with a relapse rate of 2% after 1 month follow-up.


Low toxicity

Clinical side effects are few and include nausea, vomitting,dizziness,abdominal pain and diarrhea occurring in 0-3% patients. No abnormal laboratory results in hematology, biochemistry or on the electrocardiogram were found within the therapeutic dose range.


Short regimen

Two doses.First at 0 hr and second 24hrs later.


Block transmission

Artemisinin,ingredient of ARTEQUICK, has a gametocidal effect on P.falciparum. And the combination of artemisinin and low-dose primaquine has a synergistic effect which reduces the infectivity of the gametocytes and clears the gametocytes in their early stage, therefore block malaria transmission.

If all malaria infected patients are treated in the early stage and apply ¡°destroy malaria¡± method proposed by Professor Li Guoqiao in malaria endemic areas, the morbidity and population parasite carriage rate would decrease dramatically, therefore roll back malaria rapidly and could eliminate malaria in a short time in some endemic area.




PCV blister-aluminum plate package: 4 tablets per box.

White plastic bottle package: 100 tablets per bottle.

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Dosage & administration

For adults, 2 tablets at 0 hr and 24 hrs, with 4 tablets as total dose. Dosages for different age groups are as follows.



Artemisinin is toxic to the early embryo in animal studies but there is no data available on use in pregnant women during the first trimester. Clinical data after the first trimester show no adverse effects.


Side effects

Nausea and vomiting are found occasionally when taking drug with empty stomach, but the occurrence rate of them is less than 3%.


Dosages for Tablets(Unit: tablet)

Age(yrs) 0 hours 24 hours
>=16 2 2
11-15 1 1/2 1 1/2
7-10 1 1

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